ABC Night 2 with Loes de Volder and Rico Clark

On Monday night, at the 1st of November, our second ABC Night of this year took place. Two inspiring entrepreneurs shared their lessons with us: Loes de Volder, founder of MamaLoes and Rico Clark, co-founder of Scrumble. Loes de Volder started her company 12 years ago with the aim of making people happy. She shared … Read more

ABC Night #1 with Rob Bogaers and Tim Frenken

This Monday we, as the new board of Academic Business Club, had organized our first ABC-night. The evening started around 7:15, when the first enthusiastic students began arriving. We saw some similar faces and some new ones, but overall it was a great turnout. As the walk-in slowly started, our two speakers, Rob Bogaers and … Read more