Elevator Pitch event 2019 | 1 May

Are you an ambitious student with an inspiring idea? Join the Elevator Pitch Event!

Learn how to communicate and sell your idea to others, by creating an elevator pitch. A short and simple message, which will get other people excited about you and your idea. Having an elevator pitch at the ready is useful for both aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs.

What is the elevator pitch event?

1 Minute. 1 Elevator. 1 Pitch. 1 Winner.

Want to convince people of your business idea? Use an elevator pitch! An elevator pitch is a short presentation of about one minute. In the time it takes to ride an elevator you will be able to get people excited about you and your idea. That’s why it is called elevator pitch. Being prepared is essential. Don’t bother about tiny details; the core message is key. If you have an inspiring idea, you can join the Elevator Pitch Event

About the Elevator Pitch Event

The Elevator Pitch Event will be held on May 1 2019. During it, you will get the chance to pitch for a professional jury. In the training session, you will develop your business idea and train your pitching skills. In this way you will be fully prepared to pitch in front of the jury at the end of the day.


13:00-18:30 – Pitch Training

15:45-16:00 – Break

  • Have a luminous idea

    Every great business starts with an idea. How to find out if your idea has the potential to become a success? Join the Elevator Pitch Event! During the kick-off session we will get to know each other. You will get to talk about your idea and we will tell you about the upcoming activities.

  • Develop your idea

    Having an idea is exciting, but you are only just getting started. You will be fully prepared for the Elevator Pitch Event through participating in professional training sessions. You will develop your idea in a brainstorm session with professional coaches.

  • Train your pitching skills

    In the Pitch Training session you will learn how to convey your business idea and convince the audience. In other words: you will learn how to pitch. The training will be given by Frisse Blikken. They will teach you all the tips and tricks of pitching needed to win this event!

  • Pitch!

    During the event you will pitch for a professional jury. The jury will select a winner, who will get exposure via Social Media. Whether you win the event or not: you will have learned a great deal about the potential of your idea, how to reach your audience and how to convince them!

The team

The Elevator Pitch Event is a yearly collaboration between the ABC, Integrand, Braventure, and TCE - and takes place at Tilburg University. These organizations share a common goal: to stimulate the entrepreneurial Tilburg student.
Academic Business Club
Tilburg Center of Entrepreneurship


For the Elevator Pitch Event 2019 we have partnered up with the Rabobank, who will sponsor the event.

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