Elevator Pitch event 2016 | 7 April

We are in search of ambitious students with inspiring ideas

Don't think of the Elevator Pitch Event as an event that you should only join having years of experience: it is there both for the experienced entrepreneur with a new (expanding) business idea, as for those with little previous experience in entrepreneurship. Just as long as you feel that your idea has a lot of potential - sign up!

What is the elevator pitch event?

1 Minute. 1 Elevator. 1 Pitch. 1 Winner.

An elevator pitch is a short presentation of 1 minute sharp, in which you need to convince your audience of your business idea. The core message of your story is key, tiny details are superfluous, and preparation is essential. You will be guided and trained by professionals in order to prepare yourself for the final day: the Elevator Pitch Event on the 7th of April 2016

  • Have a luminous idea

    Every great business has started with an idea. How to find out if your idea has the potential to become a success? Join the Elevator Pitch Event!

  • Prepare

    Having an idea is exciting, but you are only just getting started. You will be fully prepared for the Elevator Pitch Event through participating in professional trainings.

  • Convince

    In these training sessions, you will learn how to convey your business idea and convince the audience. You will know all the refined tips and tricks of pitching needed to win this event!

  • Action

    Two things could have happen at this stage: either you have won the event or not. In both cases the outcome is actually similar: you have learned a great deal about the potential of your idea, improved your pitching skills, and learned how to reach the audience!

The team

The Elevator Pitch Event is a yearly collaboration between Integrand, Starterslift, ABC, and the TCE - and takes place at Tilburg University. These organizations have as a common goal to stimulate the entrepreneurial-minded Tilburg student.
Academic Business Club
Tilburg Center of Entrepreneurship